The Hotel ItaliaKen

The Hotel ItaliaKen


History of the Italia Ken

Pietro Migliore (Miora)

Niigata Port in 1859

Encounter between the Italian cook Pietro Migliore (called "Miora" in Japan) and the people of Niigata Prefecture

Italiaken is a restaurant where Japan’s first meat sauce was served. The start of its history dates back to the time when the French equestrian circus, The Soulier, and its troupe came to Niigata Port, which opened around 150 years ago.

One of the troupe members was the young Italian cook Miora, who remained in Niigata after the troupe left because he had suffered a severe injury. Gonsuke and his daughter Osui of Niigata, who had been employed by the equestrian circus at that time, kindly took care of him.

The then head chief of Niigata Prefecture, Masataka Kusumoto, was impressed by their story and encouraged Miora to start a beef pot restaurant and offered to fund it. Establishing an emotional bond with the people in Niigata who were sympathetic to him, Miora opened Niigata’s first Western grocery store in Ichibancho Eishodori in 1874.

The birth of the first restaurant by an Italian in Japan

The store enjoyed prosperity, and Miora, who was a foreigner with red hair, became popular. He married Osui and was happy in Niigata.

However, the store burned down in a disastrous fire in 1880, which was a real shock for Miora. He wondered whether or not he should return to Italy. Even so, encouraged by the people around him, Miora established a restaurant in the area of Nishibori where the current Hotel Italiaken is located. It was the first restaurant by an Italian in Japan.

The grand Western building named "Italiaken," based on an idea from Osui, and the taste of dishes were born at this time. Italiaken was praised as a state-of-the-art restaurant and referred to as the "true Rokumeikan in Niigata."

The first-generation Italiaken in 1881

The second generation Italia Ken,
The second-generation Italiaken between 1923 and 1930

The third-generation Italiaken between 1931 and 1973

Wishes of Miora remain alive to this day

Having lived in Japan for more than 30 years, introducing Niigata to a new food culture, and continuing to contribute to the area, Miora returned to Italy by himself because of strong nostalgia for his home country, and it is said that his turbulent life ended in his homeland of Turin in November 1920.

Though a century has passed since that time and the Italiaken has changed into a hotel, the “Taste of Italiaken” created by Miora has been passed on to the restaurants in the Hotel Italiaken of today.

Many pictures and materials of the past are exhibited in the buildings of the Hotel Italiaken and in the restaurants. If you want to know the history of Western food culture in Niigata, please enjoy the history and the taste of Italiaken that have been handed down to this day.


Italiaken's perseverance

Italiaken, Niigata’s first restaurant offering authentic Western cuisine, has developed together with the citizens of Niigata for around 150 years and preserves the traditional taste.

Today, there are quite a few guests who revisit the Hotel Italiaken who want to enjoy the taste of memories that have been loved by many citizens in Niigata as specialties since it opened.

In particular, the recipe for the meat sauce, in other words, the traditional Bolognese-style meat sauce spaghetti that is said to have been served for the first time in Japan has been passed down by word of mouth to the chefs of the Ristorante Marco Polo of the present day, as if a baton were handed from one runner to the next, even if the restaurant suffered from three fires since its opening. Irrespective of age and sex, anyone can enjoy the mild taste of this meat sauce created by Miora, which reproduced the homemade taste from Italy.

Italiaken is trying its best to provide specialties that keep up with the changing times, while valuing the menus that have been loved since its opening through both the cuisine and the services that we offer.

Preserving traditional tastes that have handed down for 147 years

The restaurant Italiaken, which served meat sauce for the first time in Japan more than 140 years ago, has been loved by the citizens of Niigata.

Having carried on the tradition and cherished the remnants of the restaurant, Hotel Italiaken has four restaurants –

The Japanese-style Restaurant Hotaru for Japanese cuisine, Shi-En for Chinese cuisine, Ryubi for sushi, and Marco Polo for Western dishes.

Our desire is to be able to provide not only hospitality as a long-established hotel but also satisfactory meals by letting guests select what they really want to eat in Niigata with a rich food culture. Therefore, the staff of our restaurants, irrespective of the excellent chefs of today or young kitchen chefs, are always doing their best while upholding tradition in order to make our guests say, “Delicious!”

Please enjoy the seasonal delicious dishes in Niigata not only for entertaining someone for their special day but also depending on your mood each day.

Bolognese-style meat sauce spaghetti, the traditional taste preserved for a long time


1F/Western dishes


You can enjoy the traditional tastes of Western dishes that are loved beyond generations in the bistro-style classical European restaurant.

Opening hours:

Breakfast 7:00~10:00
(Last order: 9:30)
Lunch 11:30–14:30
(Last order: 14:00)
Dinner 17:30–21:00
(Last order: 20:30)
*Last entry to the restaurant: 20:00
Closed on: N/A
Tel (Direct) +81-25-224-5123



2F/Chinese cuisine

Chinese restaurant Shi-En

This is a dining lounge where you can enjoy a wide variety of authentic Chinee foods irrespective of lunch or dinner. The essence of Sichuan cuisine is offered in a black-based chic and modern space.

Opening hours:

Lunch 11:30–14:30
(Last order: 14:00)
Dinner 17:30–21:00
(Last order: 20:30)
*Last entry to the restaurant: 20:00
Closed on: Thursdays
Tel (Direct) +81-25-224-5126



Annex of Italiaken/Japanese cuisine

Japanese-style restaurant Hotaru

Built in the style of a tea ceremony house called Sukiya-zukuri, the restaurant offers the availability of various types of rooms from private rooms to halls. You can enjoy delicate Kaiseki cuisine using seasonal ingredients from Niigata.

Opening hours:

Lunch 11:30–14:30 (Last order: 14:00)
Dinner 17:30–21:00 (Last order: 20:30)
*Last entry to the restaurant: 20:00
Closed on: Sundays for evening service and Wednesdays
*Opened only for the lunchtime service on Sundays
Reservation Make a reservation at least two days prior to your arrival.
Tel (Direct) +81-25-224-5128



Annex of Italiaken/Sushi

Sushi restaurant Ryubi

Authentic nigiri sushi using only well-selected fresh ingredients is offered at reasonable prices. Not only sushi menus but also a la carte dishes and seasonal special dishes are available.

Opening hours: 17:30–23:00 (Last order: 22:30)
*Last entry to the restaurant: 22:00
Closed on: Sundays and Mondays
Tel (Direct) +81-25-229-6268


Italia club


Italia club

The bar Italia Club, which was opened as a social arena for those who led the local Niigata area along with the Hotel in 1976 and inheriting Club Italia in the older building (1931–1973), reopened in February 2015, which followed not only the renovation of the facilities but also the revision of products and membership privileges. It offers special privileges of membership and various event plans all year round.

Opening hours: 19:00–24:00 (Last order: 23:30)
*Last entry to the restaurant: 23:00
Closed on: Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays
*Opened by accepting a reservation by 15:00 of the day before your arrival.
Tel (Direct) +81-25-224-5125


Information on Accommodation Plans

We are offering accommodation plans for various purposes, ranging from sightseeing to business trips and lodgment for families or exclusively for women.



how to access

[Address]1574 Shichibancho Nishiboridori, Chuo-ku, Niigata City 951-8061

  • Ten minutes by taxi or twenty minutes by bus + on foot from Niigata Station
  • Twenty-five minutes by taxi from Niigata Airport
  • Fifteen minutes by car from Sakuragi IC or Shichikuyama IC of Niigata Bypass

Information on parking

Hotel Italiaken: B2

[Business hours] 7:00~22:00
[Parking fee] 250 yen (every 30 minutes)
Guests who stay at the hotel or use the facilities within the hotel: 800 yen per night (between 22:00 and 9:00 the next morning)
[Parking capacity] 10 cars
* Restriction: Clearance of 2.1 m

≪Information on affiliated parking (for guests who use the Hotel Italiaken)≫

Guests who use this hotel are allowed to use the affiliated parking.

Nissay Real Estate Nishibori Parking

[Business hours] Open 24 hours
[Parking fee] Usual price: 200 yen (every 30 minutes)
Discount price for affiliated parking: 150 yen (every 30 minutes)
Guests of this hotel are allowed to use both the basement parking area and the affiliated parking for 800 yen per night.
Guests who stay at the hotel or use the facilities within the hotel: 800 yen per night
Guests who use this hotel can purchase a parking ticket for 150 yen per 30 minutes, 50 yen lower than the usual price of 200 yen per 30 minutes.
If you park your car for two hours, the parking fee is 600 yen, 200 yen lower than the usual price of 800 yen.
*If you dine in the restaurants in the hotel, a voucher will be issued.
A 30-minute free parking voucher is issued to guests who spend 1,000 yen or more
A 60-minute free parking voucher is issued to guests who spend 2,000 yen or more
A 90-minute free parking voucher is issued to guests who spend 3,000 yen or more
A 120-minute free parking voucher is issued to guests who spend 4,000 yen or more
[Parking capacity] 70 cars
*Restriction: Clearance of 2.1 m

Nissei Real Estate Nishibori Parking